Learn the Beauty of Ramen…

         Discover the art of ramen with our Master Chef, with 14 years of experience in San Jose, CA.

We will teach you everything you need to know about ramen and what you need to build your future business.

You can discover traditional Japanese cuisine and authentic taste in your home or resturaunt.

Who are we ???

We are manufacturers of authentic Japanese ramen noodles. Udon, Soba, and, Gluten-Free noodles for example. We’ve also been making Japanese style Gyoza and Wonton skins since 1990 aswell.

3-hour class – A one-day teaching course with our ramen chef, about the essentials of cooking tasty and memorable ramen.

5-day class – A course on how to make different types of ramen in this 5-day course, including field trips and tastings.

You can discover true Japanese traditional cooking and the original taste that brings smiles to your peers.