Ask Yamachan

Frequency asked questions

Where can we get Yamachan ramen retail products?

You can find our retail products in the frozen food section at Asian supermarket in the most of the major city.

How come your “Fresh Noodles” are kept at frozen food section?

In order to provide fresh products to the Ramen fans in the USA and Canada, our products are kept frozen and to be distributed.

What is the best way to cook Yamachan ramen retail products?

The frozen noodles will be easier to cook without becoming lump by thawing in the refrigerator over night.

How long can we keep Yamachan Ramen ?

You can keep our product one year from production date.
If you read the six numbers after the word “LOT# ” on the back side of the package is the production date.(Read from right to left. ex LOT#416090-It was produced on 09/06/14)

Questions about ingredients

What is the Kansui which is indispensable in making ramen?

Kansui is alkaline solution that combine with water, potassium carbonate, and sodium carbonated.
The noodles that does not contain a Kansui is not a ramen.

Why Kansui is necessary during the manufacturing ramen?

Here areThe answers
1. Kansui gives a unique flavor to the ramen noodles
2. Kansui gives a purpose of longer shelf-life to the ramen noodles.
3. Kansui gives an elasticity to the ramen noodles.
4. Kansui acts on the dye of the ramen noodles, and to allow to develop a pale yellow color.

What type of the food allergies does your noodles contain?

Our noodle contains wheat, egg, soy, and color(FD&C Yellow #5)

Do you have noodles without eggs or wheat?

We have gluten-free noodles, no eggs noodles, and the vegan noodles.
Our company’s gluten-free noodles does not contain wheat, egg, soy, or food coloring.


When cooking the noodles with the shallow pot, the noodles sticks to the bottom of the the boiling pan, and this causes to change the noodles into white. How to prevent?

Please use deep pot and a lot of boiling water when you cook the noodles.

Can I cook the noodles if it is still frozen ?

When you absolutely do not have time to defrost them, you can cook them in the cooking basket ,
but please do not stir the noodles. (The noodles will broken to small pieces).
The frozen noodle reduces temperature of the cooking water. The result is that the noodle has been ended with the un-cooked.

Why the noodles became harder and loses its chewiness?

Noodles will aged over time. The Aged noodles becomes harder and translucent
but if you cooked them longer than regular cooking time you will have its chewiness back again.
When noodles is hard, lengthening the cooking time.
When noodles seems thinner than usual, shortening the cooking time.
Please adjust the boiling time based on the noodle’s hardness of your choice.

WHAT to do if …

When the temperature of the noodles changes suddenly, water will occur inside the plastic bag that the noodles are packaged.

The water comes out when the cold air hits the surface of the warm area.This is called the condensation.The noodles will melt when the noodles get soaked in the water.
Here is the answer
Sprinkle small amount of cornstarch to the noodles
Loosening the noodles before cook in boiling water
Add 20 secound to 30 seconds motr than usual cooking time when you cook .
Noodles are totally edible.

What do to make ramen noodles that are able to absorb the ramen soup better?

Here is what to do…
1 Take the noodles out from the package and let the air spread to entire noodles while rubbing by hand.
2. By Rubbing the noodles with your hand, to put a crease and to crush the noodles in the palm of your hand. A unique textures is born and a sense of unity of soup and noodles will be increased.
3. It will have a effect like the surface of the dried noodles a little by spreading the air throughout the noodles. Smoothness of noodles will be increased and chewiness of noodles will be sustained after cooked.
4. In order to prevent drying out, keep in a sealed container or cover with a wet cloth.

The soup base gets harder when I store them in the regrigerator and it is hard to use. What should I do ?

When you keep soup base in the refrigerator or freezer, the soup base gets harder.
You can transfer the soup base from the bag by heating the soup and keep it at the room temperature.
Mix the soup base and oil well by shaking thembefore use.