Our corporate philosophy

Please be conscious that the next step is always the customers. Having a heart of love, harmony, and sincerity to consider both physical and spiritual happiness to all the employees, contribute the advancement of Japanese food culture and local community.

Respect the divine and love the people

Act with a caring heart through the right thing as a person.

The next step is always the customers.
Please be conscious the next process is always the customers.
“The next step” refers to the person or the partner departments who will be affected by receiving or taking over result of your work.

Meets the deadline for the project, eliminate the deficiencies of document…etc.
Always work from the perspective of the “the next step” and to devote yourself to your work the best.

Quality is also included there. If you are not consciously thinking about quality of the best post-process and working, they have to be start over, there is no positive effect on the subsequent step.

“People besides you are all customers”.