About us

Nippon Trends Food Service, Inc.Thank you very much for choosing Yamachan!”Ramen noodle for your needs” We are a family owned company and have been running this business for 18yrs. We produce various high quality, authentic Japanese Noodles for restaurants nationwide with Japanese machinery. Please let us know your requests, we also make customized noodles for volume orders. We will help you find the best noodle that matches your soup. For retail and restaurant customers, noodles are available through Nishimoto Trading Co. If you have an account with NTC, please ask your sales rep for more information getting our products. If you do not have an account with NTC, please contact us so we can help you to set up an account with them.

  • We are the only Japanese raw noodle manufacturer that is operated under Japanese management in Northern California.
  • Our market share of Japanese raw noodles is number 1 in Northern California.
  • We have been providing Japanese style raw noodles to the US, Canada, and Latin America since 1990.
  • We manufacture our noodles just like in Japan using Japanese-made machines and techniques.
  • We use top quality flour milled in and imported from the United States, Canada and Japan.
  • We manufacture custom made noodles based on requests.
  • We offer wide varieties of noodles and soups.
  • We produce varieties of retail products including our mild, rich, and non-MSG noodle packages.(Yamachan Ramen Brands)
  • We consult with customers on marketing, menu development, and restaurant operations.